Private OpenStack training


Private training

Prefer to have OpenStack training in-house? Our experts will come to you and will provide the hands-on learning experience, teaching you everything you need to know about OpenStack. Private training solutions offer flexibility, cost-effective team training options and consistent learning for your organization. Classes are limited to 15 people. We can teach Mirantis OS100 bootcamp on site, and include MCA200 exam as well.

Course Description

The Mirantis OS110 bundle includes both the course (Mirantis OS100) and the certification exam (Mirantis MCA200). The total duration is three and a half days. The first three days will be spent in OpenStack Bootcamp I, the exam will run on the 4th day.

This course and exam bundle is for IT operations, Network Admins, Security or Storage architects responsible for design, and/or indirect support and operation of an OpenStack installation. The course provides participants with a detailed understanding of steps necessary to operate an OpenStack environment. The lecture covers architecture, best practices, provisioning workflow, component interaction, and is the best preparation for the real-world challenges faced by OpenStack experts. The course is broken up in to three sections: lectures, labs, and hands-on certification.

For detailed course description please take a look at our OS110 page. It is your choice if you want to include MCA200 exam or to have bootcamp only for your in-house session.


If you have questions or you are interested in quote for private training contact us or call by phone: