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About us

We are company with headquarters in Ireland and Serbia. Our main advantage is agile approach with customers, providing them with full access to the development phases and process and keeping them in the loop throughout whole project process to minimize the risk and enhance the quality and results. When developing software, we really do what we preach. When providing consultancy services, we speak from our experience and we belive that is our main advantage.

Big picture

You need to have good methodology to follow what is going on and everyone is clear about it. That's where we jump in: we ensure that all stakeholders, primarily customers (or individuals that want the job done), are included as early as possible in the planning process to try to mitigate all possible risks throughout the development process, which is also very transparent. Let's face it, development process is rarely to never ideal, and without bumps and obstacles, so instead of promising impossible, we are highly devoted to minimising these risks.

Corporate culture needs to change and explain how to have your teams working together on common goal. One of key devops challenges is culture change in organisation.

Key tool to help you in your quest is automation.

Monitoring and Measurement will help you understand what to follow and what not and how to measure your progress


Java, JavaScript, Go, C/C++, Python, HTML5, Angular.js, WordPress, PHP

Cloud & Automation

Amazon AWS, Azure, Openstack, on premise and hybrid, Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Infrastructure as a code, Puppet, Ansible, Cloud Formation, Jenkins, Maven, Ant

Processes and project management improvement

Aside from quality code and development, we are highly devoted to nurturing the processes, tracking and documenting every step from beginning to the end, so the output of the development is, not only a product, but also accompanying documentation and manuals. For this, we use our experience and knowledge, but also some auxiliary tools, such as Jira and Trello for projects tracking (and enforcing methodologies), GitHub and/or bitbucket for source control management, and then some...

Monitoring and measurement

Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, Grafana, whole stack performance

Our projects

You can find below our humble presentation of projects that we've done (or currently working on).

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Icon accounting Contractors portal

For Icon Accounting, our partner from Ireland, we are developing new software/portal for contractors that want to track their business expenses and documentation in one place. Software is cloud-based and scallable to the number of users to ensure high performance, and save money when the traffic is low.

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Selected VPN / Security software

We are proudly presenting our internal product: Selected VPN - software ensuring complete and utter security while you browse from your home computer. On top of that, you can choose to turn on AdBlock, and be free from any kind of ads popping out from your browser, software, or refridgerators :)

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U-TX company website

U-TX Technologies LTD is an R&D company providing innovative technological solutions for cellular telecom and asset security markets located in Cyprus. Our team has developed a new company portal for them, with installation of WordPress, ensuring their HR department easy access to career postings and managing the website content.

Contact us

Suite 1273, Fitzwilliam Business Centre, 77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland, +353 1 649 9020